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I. Washington State Employment Security

Washington State Employment Security
212 Maple Park
Olympia, WA 98504
360-902-9383 fax
Web Site: www.wa.gov/esd/agencyinfo.html

Information about State Department of Labor resources may be of interest to:

  • potential employers looking for incentives to hire individuals with criminal histories;
  • service providers and individuals with criminal histories who are looking for assistance in finding employment; and
  • researchers and policy makers looking at current programs to ascertain what programs are effective and serve their intended purpose.

A. Federal Bonding Program
The Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bonding insurance coverage to individuals with criminal histories and other high-risk job applicants who are qualified, but fail to get jobs because regular commercial bonding is denied due to their backgrounds.

Offender Employment Services
Washington State Employment Security Department / WorkSource Operations Di
P.O. Box 9046
Olympia, WA 98507
360-438-4777 fax
Web Site: www.wa.gov/esd/oes

B. Tax Credits
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit to reduce the federal tax liability of private for profit employers to be used as an incentive for employers to hire individuals from eight different targeted groups: TANF recipients, veterans, ex-felons, high risk youth, summer youth, Food Stamp recipients, SSI recipients, and vocational rehabilitation referrals.

Washington State Employment Security Department
P.O. Box 9046
Olympia, WA 98507
360-438-4941 fax
Web Site: www.wa.gov/esd/wotc

C. Unemployment Insurance Office
Unemployment compensation is a social insurance program designed to provide benefits to most individuals out of work, generally through no fault of their own, for periods between jobs. In order to be eligible for benefits, jobless workers must demonstrate that they have worked, usually measured by amount of wages and/or weeks of work, and must be able and available for work.

The unemployment compensation program is based upon federal law, but administered by states under state law.

Forms and information may be obtained at any local WorkSource Center, via the internet at the web site below or online at www.go2ui.com. (See also Section VII of this site "Local Service Providers.")

Unemployment TeleCenters
Seattle: 206-766-6000
Espanol: 206-766-6063
Tacoma: 253-396-3500
Espanol: 253-396-3563
Spokane: 509-893-7000
Espanol: 509-893-7063
All other areas: 800-362-4636
Espanol: 800-360-2271
Web Site: www.wa.gov/esd/ui

II. Criminal Record Repository

This is the agency individuals may contact to obtain a copy of their state rap sheet. The criminal record repository can also tell the individual who else is legally entitled to have access to his or her record.

A non-refundable $10 fee is required for each record requested by name and date of birth. A non-refundable $25 fee is required for a fingerprint search. Fees must be submitted with the request for information, payable to the "Washington State Patrol" by cashier's check, money order, or commercial business account. Each written response takes from three to 10 weeks to complete.

Washington State Patrol
Identification and Criminal History Section
P.O. Box 42633
Olympia, WA 98504
E-Mail: crimhis@wsp.wa.gov
Web Site: www.wa.gov/wsp/

III. State Attorney General

Employers and service providers may obtain information from the state attorney general regarding occupational bars, the licensing of individuals with criminal records in certain jobs, and whether the state has laws that limit what employers may ask job applicants or protections against employment discrimination based on a criminal record.

Washington State Attorney General
1125 Washington St., SE
P.O. Box 40100
Olympia, WA 98504
360-586-7671 fax
E-Mail: emailago@atg.wa.gov
Web Site: www.wa.gov/ago/

IV. State Department of Corrections

Washington Correctional Industries

Washington Correctional Industries' businesses produce goods and services and provide inmates with job experience. The work also provides the means for participating prisoners to pay court ordered financial obligations, victim restitution, a portion of the costs of incarceration, and support for their families. Manufactured goods include safety products such as emergency kits, food products, signage, textiles, furniture restoration and institutional products such as furniture and flat goods. Services include Computer Aided Design (CAD), institutional laundry, silk screening, and printing.

Washington Correctional Industries
Washington State Department of Corrections
P.O. Box 41101
Olympia, WA 98504
Web Site: www.washingtonci.com/welcome

Work Release Program

Washington State offers a number of work release programs throughout the state. A list of these facilities can be found at the following site: www.wa.gov/doc/BHAMWRdescription.htm

Washington State Department of Corrections
410 West 5th St.
P.O. Box 41102
Olympia, WA 98504
Web Site: www.wa.gov/doc

Pre-Release Program

Washington State has two pre-release facilities, Pine Lodge and Tacoma. Male and female offenders who are transitioning from higher custody levels are eligible for the program 24 months before their Earned Release Date. Offenders can also be transferred to the facility when they have been in Community Custody or in work release and violate conditions of supervision.

Tacoma Pre-Release
P.O. Box 881038
Steilacoom, WA 98388

Pine Lodge Pre-Release
P.O. Box 300
751 S Pine St.
Medical Lake, WA 99022

Washington State Department of Corrections

Washington State Department of Corrections
410 West 5th St.
P.O. Box 41102
Olympia, WA 98504
Web Site: www.wa.gov/doc

V. Community Field Services, Department of Corrections (Parole)

Probation Offices are located in every county and are linked to the Washington State Court system. A court directory is available at the following web site: www.courts.wa.gov.

Washington State Department of Corrections
410 West 5th St.
P.O. Box 41102
Olympia, WA 98504

VI. Legal Assistance

Free or low-cost legal resources, both in civil and criminal law, are helpful to individuals with criminal histories in learning about relevant state laws governing the expungement or sealing of criminal histories or addressing other legal issues resulting from having a criminal history.

A. State Public Defender

Washington State Office of Public Defense
Building #4, 3rd Floor
925 Plum St., SE
P.O. Box 40957
Olympia, WA 98504
360-956-2112 fax
E-Mail: opd@opd.wa.gov
Web Site: www.opd.wa.gov

B. Legal Services

Northwest Justice Project
401 Second Ave. South, Suite 407
Seattle, WA 98104
Web Site: www.nwjustice.org

ACLU of Washington’s Second Chances Project
Web Site: Second Chances Project

C. State Bar Association

Washington State Bar Association
2101 Fourth Ave., Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98121
206-727-8320 fax
E-Mail: questions@wsba.org
Web Site: www.wsba.org

VII. Local Service Providers

Community agencies are available to assist individuals with criminal records find employment. This information will inform individuals with criminal records about government agencies and community-based organizations that assist with employment, education or vocational training. Researchers and policy makers may find this information useful in identifying agencies and service providers in order to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs.

WorkSource Centers

WorkSource Center services are delivered to job seekers in a variety of ways, including: self directed efforts, such as kiosks or via the Internet; group programs and activities, such as workshops; one on one consultations; and training programs and business consultations. Services for job seekers include: free use of computers, copiers, phones, faxes and other career resources; internet access to jobs; job referral and placement; classes on how to get and keep a job; information on the fastest growing jobs and wages; referrals for training and other community services; access to unemployment insurance; and translation services. Contact: A directory of WorkSource Centers or affiliates is available by calling 1-877-872-JOBS or visiting: www.wa.gov/esd/work/localconnections.htm.

People for People

People for People is a not-for-profit organization committed to serving people throughout Washington with employment and training needs.

People for People
located at WorkSource Kittitas County
Physical - 510 N Pine St.
Mailing - P.O. Box 759
Ellensburg, WA 98926
509-925-1004 fax
E-Mail: cloeffers@pfp.org
Web Site: www.pfp.org

Seattle Goodwill/STRIVE Seattle

Seattle Goodwill offers three programs: the Adult Basic Education Program (ABE), the Employment and Training Program (ETP), and STRIVE. ABE offers people aged 16 and over the opportunity to participate in classes to improve basic skills in subjects such as reading, writing, math, and computers. ABE also offers basic life skills, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Citizenship, and GED preparation courses, as well as specialized programs such as the External Diploma Program, the Workplace Education Program, and SoundWaves. These courses are free and open to anyone who wants to participate. Classes are small and are designed by and for students. ETP is designed especially for individuals with barriers to employment such as a lack of education and work experience or limited English speaking ability. ETP combines classroom instruction with hands on job site experience, career planning, and job placement. ETP offers customized training for clients with special needs, and also works with employers to design specialized trainings. ETP participants, called trainees, are hired as temporary full time paid employees. As part of the job readiness training process, trainees establish employment histories and gain valuable workplace experience. In addition, trainees take classes that teach vital workplace skills such as computer literacy, business communications, and job search strategies. Trainees also receive program services such as career counseling and information and referral and are offered job placement opportunities. ETP works with some of the region's largest employers to present customized employment training programs. STRIVE is a privately funded, not for profit employment training and placement program, serving local businesses and individuals seeking employment. STRIVE provides training and placement services for participants and on going support to employers and employees. STRIVE provides intensive training that focuses largely on developing and reinforcing the workplace behaviors, attitudes and skills that are necessary to get and keep a good job. STRIVE participants must commit to four, 40 hour weeks of training. The program is free to participants. Job development staff match qualified candidates with job openings. However, all graduates must successfully apply for and obtain positions through standard procedures. STRIVE staff maintain regular contact with graduates and their employers for two years to assist in job retention and career advancement.

Seattle Goodwill
1400 South Lane St.
Seattle, WA 98144
206-329 1000
E mail: goodwill@seattlegoodwill.org
Web Site: www.seattlegoodwill.org

Pioneer Human Services

The mission of Pioneer Human services is to create opportunities for clients to realize personal, economic, and social development through participating in an integrated array of training, employment, housing, and rehabilitation services. Clients include alcoholics and other chemically dependent persons, prisoners, work release participants and persons on probation and under jurisdiction of the courts. Pioneer Human Services Programs operates three work release facilities for state and county prisoners within its Community Corrections Division. These programs take probation violators and individuals serving the last three- to-six months of their sentences and help them transition from an institution into the community. These facilities apply Pioneer's integrated approach by offering housing, on-the-job training, drug and alcohol counseling and social skills training. Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) personnel provide the training and counseling elements of these programs, with Pioneer staff running the custodial and job-training components. Pioneer work-release residents have access to the broad range of Pioneer-operated businesses, e.g., food services, manufacturing operations, sheet metal fabrication and finishing, printing, and packaging and distribution. Upon leaving work-release, residents have the opportunity to continue their Pioneer employment and move into Pioneer's alcohol and drug-free housing. Services offered include: life skills training and "cognitive restructuring" that helps change thinking patterns that drive problematic behavior; drug and alcohol counseling and on-site and community 12-step meetings; job, career, and financial counseling; communication skills training and personal hygiene counseling; behavior modification and anger management; and sex offender treatment when applicable. After work-release, women may move to one of Pioneer's housing options, including transitional housing for women with children, and may continue employment with Pioneer, providing these women with a long term, fully integrated support system. To address the special needs of these women, in addition to usual programming, residents also have: overnight visitation for children under 12; residential placement and parenting program for women with infants; parenting classes and support; women's issues focus groups

Pioneer Human Services
7440 W. Marginal Way S.
Seattle, WA 98108
206-768-8910 fax
Web Site: www.pioneerhumanserv.com

Goodwill Industries Inland Northwest

Goodwill Industries Inland Northwest offers employment resources to individuals with a criminal history who have been released from custody within the past year. Services include resume writing, counseling in how to address one’s conviction history, interview skills and job development. Goodwill Industries relies on employer incentives, including the Federal Bonding Program (bonds are purchased by the state of Washington) and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Clients are followed for a one-year period, including re-employment, if necessary, as well as upgrading job levels.

Goodwill Industries Inland Northwest
130 E. 3rd Ave.
Spokane, WA 99202
509-444-4371 fax
Web Site: www.giin.org

Crossways Ministries

Crossways Ministries, a faith-based organization, provides a two year interactive program in 11 facilities promoting responsible living to achieve freedom. Services provided include housing placement, employment, counseling/mentoring and fellowship. Crossways Ministries collaborates with other agencies to better serve individuals with criminal histories.

Crossways Ministries
P.O. Box 1954
Auburn, WA 98071
Web Site: www.crosswaysministries.com